Human rights association

Main Activity

Mission of the Association UMDPL is to ensure human rights observance by law enforcement bodies via development of acting public control.

Our goals:

  • Create efficient system of public control over law enforcement bodies.
  • Impact work of law enforcement bodies and facilitate higher openness and transparency of their work.
  • Increase level of legal knowledge among the civil society and readiness to protect its rights.
  • Contribute to motivation of law enforcement officers.

Achievement of the goals:

  • Monitoring: monitoring campaigns, monitoring of the media information massages, requests to state power bodies – “field work”.
  • Expert work (Think tank): provision of recommendations on necessary systemic changes for improvement of law enforcement bodies’ work and human rights observance; initiation and lobbing of legislative initiatives.
  • Advocacy work: development of a public resonance for introduction of significant changes into the law and implementation practices.

Main activities:

  • Development and realization of public participation in control over human rights in law enforcement;
  • Development of monitors network specially trained by the Association and participating in monitoring campaigns, collecting information in the field;
  • Popularization of human rights knowledge among employees of state bodies and different population groups (youth, schoolchildren);
  • Reformation of law enforcement bodies;
  • Analysis of Ukrainian law in the field of human rights protection. Preparation of analytical and information materials regarding human rights observance;
  • Study of international experience: work of law enforcement bodies in European countries and search for ways to implement separate institutions for positive changes of Ukrainian realities;
  • Systemic monitoring of media resources, which provide information on human rights in law enforcement; expert commentaries;
  • Publication of printed and media materials helping to cooperate with law enforcement in the legal field (textbooks, brochures).

More information about well-known products and projects in the section “Major achievements”.