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About us

Association of Ukrainian human rights monitors on Law Enforcement (Association UMDPL) – non-governmental human rights organization implementing systemic all-Ukrainian monitoring of human rights and fundamental freedoms on law enforcement bodies.

Organization was established in June 2010 after closing down of a Human Rights Department within the MIA system. Today general number of branches all around Ukraine is 17. About 80 members of the organization work there.

Organizational activities include 6 theme programs:

  • Openness of the law enforcement system
  • Expert group “Police under control”
  • Monitoring campaign “Police under control”
  • Human rights behind the bars
  • Education
  • Real Stories Production


Association UMDPL has a long work experience in human rights monitoring, has its own pool of experts, who participate in work of consultative and advisory bodies and interdepartmental expert groups. Experts of the Association participate in development of numerous changes to normative acts regulating work of law enforcement bodies and act as coauthors of draft laws, textbooks, analytical and methodical, scientific publications and etc.

Association UMDPL is not a political and non-profit public organization. It is financed from budgets of ongoing projects, but not all planned projects can be financed. That is why a big amount of work is volunteering.

Our team

Association UMDPL established 17 branches all around Ukraine.

Almost 80 members of the organization work there.

Members of the Association have a long experience in next well-known Ukrainian NGOs: Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, Committee of Voters of Ukraine, Civil Network “OPORA”. More than 20 members of the Association are former employees of the MIA of Ukraine and have a long practical experience of work in personnel and staff departments, Internal Security Service, departments on combating organized crime, universities of internal affairs.