Ukrainian Law Enforcement Reform Digest. №9: September-October 2018

Ukrainian Law Enforcement Reform Digest. Issue 9: September-October 2018. – Kyiv: Association UMDPL, CPLR, 2018. – 8 pages.

Responsible for the Issue: Eugene Krapyvin
Editors: Oleksandr Banchuk, Maryna Tsapok
Design, page layout: Ivan Yurchyk

Digest is dedicated to the process of reform of law enforcement authorities in Ukraine, first of all of police, prosecution authorities, State Bureau of Investigation and criminal justice legislation. It is published with the aim to better inform the society, expert community and international institutions on the state of reforming mentioned authorities and spheres of their activity.

Periodicity: 1 time/ 2months

This publication created with support of European Union. The content of publication does not translate official position of European Union.