Our experts

Eugene Krapyvin, head of the programm

Lawyer, expert on criminal justice

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16930924_1470046033014766_939125544_oMykhailo Kameniev, policy analyst

Lawyer, expert on freedom of asembly

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12825273_1139390956094980_1724235449_nVadym Pyvovarov, expert

Executive director of Association UMDPL


10269136_1386605831624345_7126119643547066687_oBorys Malyshev

Doctor of Laws (Dr. Habil.), Expert in Public Law and Human Rights

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126477Oleksandr Banchuk

expert on administrative and criminal justice of Center of Policy and Legal Reform`s,
PhD in Law

Bilousov_300Yuriy Byelousov

Chairman of the Board at Expert Center for Human Rights, PhD in Sociology

Alex Postika

NGO “Promo LEX”, Moldova