About us

In 2016 Association UMDPL created Expertise and Analytics programm, that has for its object realization of complex research of the status of observance of human rights in activity of the Ukrainian police.

Taking into account aspiring of society to complete, qualitive and effective reform of police, we are disturbed by a low quality of materials about its work, that is published in MASS-MEDIA, and also absence of all around and professional analysis of its activity from the side of legislators, human rights defenders and so forth.

Therefore we created a ground for realization of independent expert control after activity of police with the aim of protection of human rights and interests

An expert group carries out an analysis in the following directions:

  • expert support of implementation of international standards in the sphere of protection of human rights and law enforcement in activity of the National police;
  • analysis of the accepted subordinate legislation, explanations of MIA of Ukraine, National police, and also Cabinet of Ministers (in the part regarding the National police and MIA of Ukraine)
  • participating in preparation of subordinate legislation in relation to activity of the National police and MIA;
  • research and control practice of implementation in activity of the National police of legislative acts and practice of application of norms of laws and subordinate legislation (enforcement) by policemen;
  • analysis of judicial practice in relation to acts about violation of human rights by policemen during realization of their activity (Chapter 4,5 of Law of Ukraine “About the National police”);
  • analysis of judicial practice for to the criminal cases in relation to policemen, that exceeded their authorities ;
  • research of statistics and general tendencies in disciplinary penalties in relation to policemen (provided of receipt of access to statistics);
  • exposure of corruption factors in work of MIA and National police and development of suggestions in relation to their removal and prevention;
  • support of monitoring companies “Police under control” (development of monitoring algorithms, development of recommendations etc).;
  • preparation of annual report of “Human Rights in activity of the Ukrainian police” and other analytical print and electronic editions;
  • operative expert commentation of the resonant actions related to activity of police;
  • preparation of shadow reports for international institutes that care of subjects of human rights.

The forms of work of the Expertise and Analytics programm requires  the use of all spectrum of corresponding instruments : providing of comments and preparation of publications in MASS-MEDIA and on this web-site, realization of thematic researches, realization of the sociological questioning, providing of conclusions and suggestions, participation and organization corresponding round tables, conferences, trainings etc.

A mission of the Expertise and Analytics programm is an assistance to the observance of human rights in activity of police by research of practice work of police and its accordance to the legislation in the sphere of police activity and providing its management with information about researches, giving recommendations, conducting round tables, developing strategic recommendations and so on. Also providing society with qualitive, expert and independent information about activity of police that represents system problems in its activity.


Research of observance of human rights by police consists of two parts:

1) lawmaking is a study of legislative base that is followed by a police in their activity and its analysis in accordance to principles of human rights;

2) enforcement, that is application of this legislative base in practice and often corresponds neither a letter nor spirit of law and creates harmful informal practices, victims of that can be any person.

Accumulation of recommendations

We try to provide objective information both people that make decisions and any our reader who is interested in the topic of police activity. An expert group tries to be the participant of public discussion on different questions of police activity and to give on its basis certain recommendations in relation to the ways of overcoming of violation of human rights in activity of police.

Ways of providing information

We give our ideas through this Internet-portal and Facebook-page, publications in MASS-MEDIA and being coauthors of different editions, analytical notes and so forth. We are open to the discussion and sincerely thankful for any comments in relation to our work, that must only improve its professional level.