Public order squads in Ukraine: trends and threats for human rights: analytical note was presented in Warsaw

September 16, our experts Eugene Krapyvin and Mykhailo Kameniev presented in Warsaw on Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2018 small analytical note about trends and threats for human rights in activity of Public order squads in Ukraine (municipal guards, national squads etc).

This analytical note is a preliminary description of both the legal forms of citizens’ participation in the protection of public order, and the propositions of the UMDPL Association experts about the development trends of such formations and threats to human rights and freedoms.At the moment, the research team (which includes the authors of this analytical note), is conducting an in-depth study of this topic, the results of which are planned to be published in early 2019.

The idea of the research occured in 2014. After the end of the Revolution of Dignity, the functions of protecting public order were briefly taken over by the participants of the Revolution, as well as by the right-wing radical organisations. Since that, such formations were monitored by experts, although there is very little information on their activities. At the beginning of 2018, the interest in this subject increased repeatedly for journalists and society, primarily due to demonstration of «power» during the march of one of the «National Squads» units, as well as the preparation of certain political forces for the 2019 elections of president and parliament. So by thats reason now we are talking a lot about them – which did not use to be.

Link to publication in English:…/public-order-squads-in-ukraine-trends-…/

Link to publication in Russian:…/obschestvennyie-formyrovanyya-po-ohran…/

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