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News bulletin of the Association UMDPL (October – December 2018)

Awareness Raising


Complaints against police shall be forwarded further. Conclusions of the half-year work of the hotline in the zone of Joint Forces Operation.

img_20181024_164309Coordinator of the monitoring campaign of the Association UMDPL Sergiy Pernikoza and Eugene Vasylyev from Human Rights Center «Postup» took part in a two-day mission to the zone of Joint Forces Operation with the aim to create the system of quick and effective response to the facts of illegal actions of police officers.

Let us remind you, that as of April 2018 there is a hotline working in the zone of Joint Forces Operation to collect facts of human rights violations by law enforcement authorities. During six months the hotline has received and processed 187 complaints. The main task of such a hotline is to record illegal actions of law enforcement officers and provide necessary consultations. Read more

Virtual legal city Pravopil describes how state authorities operate

6Web portal “Pravopil” is a universal, user-friendly and always up-to-date resource about how state authorities shall operate with observance of minimum human rights standards. It was developed by the Association UMDPL together with studio Real Stories Production.

DSC_8049As of today, the web portal “Pravopil” provides access to three objects – police station, State Migration Service of Ukraine and court. Besides visualization of premises of these state bodies and their equipment, portal also shows their working schedules, rules for service documentation management, as well provides references to provisions of relevant regulatory acts and other necessary pieces of information. Read more

“Pravopil” was presented during the Forum of Active Citizens Integrity & Unity and the Molodiya International Social Advertising Festival which took place in October – November.

#Stop_stigma_and_discrimination of sex workers: first conclusions of trainings for police

DSC_7768In October there were two two-day trainings on overcoming stigma and discrimination against sex workers organized in Kyiv by the Association UMDPL together with Charitable Organization “Legalife – Ukraine”. Law enforcement officers were trained by Volodymir Batchaev and Viktor Chuprov. Read more.

45792624_2079607175436098_1822037981523869696_nAccording to the project, participants of the training have to hold similar events on overcoming stigma and discrimination among police officers in regions of Ukraine. Human rights defender Liudmila Protsenko shared her experience in conducting training for police officers in Cherkassy. Read more. By following the link you can find out about the training for civil servants of the Main Department of the National Police in Lviv region, that took place on 4 December.

DSC06055During three months of project implementation there have been 106 trainings held in 19 regional centers of Ukraine. As a result, 1 150 police officers have been trained. Read more

On 26 December there was a Concluding Round-table of the project “Overcoming stigma and discrimination against sex-workers by law enforcement officers on the national and regional levels”, during which participants discussed results of the conducted trainings, shared their experiences and tried to find ways to continue this dialogue further. Read more

Experts of Association conducted training for observers of peaceful assemblies

46079493_2111302519123225_2626691475840172032_nOn 25 October lawyers, experts of the Association UMDPL Mykhailo Kamenev and Eugene Krapyvin told about tactics and preventive actions of police during mass events to participants of the special course on monitoring “Conflict Protests”, organized by the group of civil monitoring “OZON”.46076538_2111302505789893_2170803907373039616_n In particular, Mykhailo reminded about international and Ukrainian legislation which regulates freedom of assembly, types of such assemblies and which public services provide for their organization. In his turn, Eugene told about municipal and police functions, as well as about “filtration measures”. Read more

Practical part was held for participants of the course by Sergiy Pernikoza, coordinator of the monitoring campaign of the Association UMDPL.

45337773_991380251063585_369139721693036544_nPolice violence, municipal guards and patrol officers – what’s interesting in the reform of police

On 3 November experts of the group on reforming law enforcement authorities of the Reanimation Package of Reforms Eugene Krapyvin and Volodymir Petrakovskiy read a lecture “Reform of Law Enforcement Authorities in Ukraine” for regional journalists from the All-Ukrainian NGO “Independent Association of Broadcasters” within the project “Strengthening of Regional Mass Media covering reform processes”.ВУР_фото_3

On 10 November, within the framework of the program of the Open University of Reforms organized by the Reanimation Package of Reforms, Eugene Krapyvin held a lecture on reform of the National Police, particularly about achievements and shortcomings of current law enforcement officers. Read more

Eugene Krapyvin together with the expert of the Center of Policy and Legal Reform Olexander Banchuk presented conclusions and recommendations to the first in Ukraine Report on Police Commissions: on 31 October there was a presentation in Lviv, and on 21 November – in Dnipro.

What does youth know about courts – upon results of the IV Youth Forum on Human Rights

DSC_8435On 10 December in the student hub Belka of the Library of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute there was a Youth Forum on Human Rights where Olena Ostrovska, Head of the Criminal Justice Program of the Association UMDPL, delivered a speech. She told the participants about the “right to a fair trial”, as stipulated by article 6 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and how this right is being observed in Ukraine. Within the framework of the film lecture during the Forum there was also a presentation of the movie “Life behind Bars” produced by Real Stories Production. Read more

48382024_2118906475105432_2675306850613723136_nBurning tyres and morale, or how can one easily explain peaceful assembly, – training

On 14-16 December lawyers, experts of the Association UMDPL Eugene Krapyvin and Mykhailo Kamenev held a training on the work of the law enforcement authorities during peaceful assembly. They told about the theory and practice of cooperation with law enforcement authorities and other subjects during the preparation of and running peaceful assembly, role of police within the law enforcement system, what is freedom of assembly in Ukraine, Sergiy Pernykoza y Bazysiwhich public authorities are engaged to protection of peaceful assembly and what is civil organizations of public security etc. Read more

On 20 December Sergiy Pernikoza held a training “You and Police” for high school 10th graders of the Research school “Basis”. Read more

Specialized training for monitors was held

48379021_10213174481332866_8976260840076345344_nOn 20-22 December in the city of Poltava there was a specialized training “Monitoring Places of Detention with highest Risk of Tortures, Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment”. Having passed the training, participants practiced learned theory by conducting eight team monitoring visits for one day.

Webinar on access to justice

On 13 December Eugene Krapyvin, a lawyer and expert of the Association UMDPL, held a webinar “Law and Access to Justice in the Criminal Cases and its Anchoring in the Acting Legislation of Ukraine”. During the lecture, participants learned about the access to justice in general terms – procedural guarantees in the context of article 6 of ECHR, namely their anchorage in the national legislation, judicial control over the observance of human rights and freedoms etc. It was broadcasted within the framework of series of webinars on the topic of access to justice by vulnerable groups of population, held by NGO “April 10th” as part of the project “Protector” financially supported by the Council of Europe. Listen to the recording of the webinar.

Expertise and Analytics Program


International experience in disciplinary responsibility of judges and prosecutors was discussed during the conference

_A2A0663On 19-21 October the International conference “Disciplinary Liability of Judges and Prosecutors in Ukraine” has been held in Kyiv. Among its participants were experts of the Association UMDPL – Mykhailo Kamenev and Eugene Krapyvin._A2A2254 The latter took part in the panel discussion “Decision-making upon consideration of a disciplinary case and imposing disciplinary sanctions” with a report on the tendencies and problems in this sphere. Read more

Problematic issues in practice of Strasbourg court were discussed during the Forum in Lviv

46501592_326814174777575_7903208680449900544_nA lawyer and expert of the Association UMDPL Mykhailo Kamenev took part in the VII International Forum on Practice of the European Court of Human Rights that was held on 16-17 November in Lviv at the I. Franko Lviv National University. During the forum presented and discussed were new tendencies and practices of the ECHR, challenges related to protection of human rights, progress in justice reform, gaps and drawbacks of the national legislation and practice etc. Read more

State Bureau of Investigations should have started its work and investigating cases of torture already a year ago

1Experts of the Association UMDPL Eugene Krapyvin and Mykhailo Kamenev took part in the press-conference dedicated to the work of the State Bureau of Investigations that was held on 20 November in the Ukrainian Crises Media Center. Read more and watch a video recording.

It is the State Bureau of Investigations that has to combat tortures – Mykhailo Kamenev in the studio of Hromadske radio speaks about creation and mandate of the State Bureau of Investigations. Read and listen to the interview

State Bureau of Investigations starts its work. How was it created and what were the conflicts about? – Eugene Krapyvin for the analytical portal “Slovo I Dilo”. Read more

Can the State Bureau of Investigations investigate tortures? – comments of Eugene Krapyvin and Mykhailo Kamenev for the “Ukrainian Pravda”. Read more

Martial law as a legal mechanism – comments of the lawyer

Expert of the Association UMDPL Eugene Krapyvin comments the Decree of the President of Ukraine №390/2018 “On Decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of 26 November 2018 on “Emergency Actions to Ensure State Sovereignty and Independence of Ukraine and Introduction of Martial Law in Ukraine”. Read more

Comments of Eugene Krapyvin regarding introduction of martial law for Segodnya, New York Times, TV-Channel Chernomorka

Why participation in the OSCE conference important, – from expert experience

47492712_2048355208567231_5607877736837152768_nIn the beginning of December in Milan (Italy) regular OSCE Parallel Civil Society Conference has been held. Among its participants this year were executive director of the Association UMDPL Mr. Vadym Pyvovarov and lawyers, experts of the organization Eugene Krapyvin and Mykahilo Kamenev. Agenda of the conference which included both open and closed meetings, among other things, also provided for coverage of topics related to democracy challenges (i.a. populist movements, migration) and issues of protection of rights of political prisoners. Read more

“Stop Raid 2” law came into force. What does this document change?

A lawyer and expert of the Association UMDPL Eugene Krapyvin explains what will change upon enactment of the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine regarding Improvement of Observance of Rights of Parties of Criminal Proceedings and other Persons by Law Enforcement Authorities during Pre-Trial Investigation” (known in media as “Stop Raid 2”, because it introduces mechanisms of recourse requirements of law enforcement authorities to officers who violated human rights). Read more

Responsibility of police officers: new regulations come into force – Eugene Krapyvin in the blog of Internet media resource “Livyi Bereg” tells about changes awaiting police officers and regular citizens after enactment of the new Disciplinary Statute of the National Police of Ukraine. Read more

Has the general crime level really decreased? – Eugene Krapyvin commented on the statistics regarding crime level published by the National Police of Ukraine. Read more

Out of public focus: Invisible aspects of police reform – Eugene Krapyvin for the Internet-Portal “Dzerkalo Tyzhnya”. Read more

How did police perform in 2018: based on report of the Head of National Police of Ukraine and other things: – Eugene Krapyvin in the blog of Internet media resource “Livyi Bereg”. Read more

Radars TruCam: how will perpetrators of traffic regulations be found and fined: – Mykhailo Kamenev in the analytical portal “Slovo i Dilo” tells about video footage of offenses on the streets. Read more

Comments of Mykhailo Kamenev for “UA. Donbas” regarding traffic accidents with participation of law enforcement officers. Read more

New members of the Civil Council of Integrity have been elected – Mykhailo Kamenev in the studio of the TV-Channel ATR

Illegal detentions: is there a way out? – article of Eugene Krapyvin with co-author Yuriy Belousov for “Dzerkalo Tyzhnya” – follow the link

Other comments of Eugene Krapyvin:

Penitentiary Program


Why does the law on improvement of administrative oversight over convicted persons need to be amended, – opinion of experts?

43223272_1969249169765266_1855313807585312768_nOlexander Fedoruk, head of the Penitentiary Program of the Association UMDPL took part in ХХІІІ meeting of the Working group of the Parliamentary Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on Reform of Penitentiary System, that was held on 4 October. During the meeting participants discussed the need to adopt the draft law “On Improvement of the Order of Administrative Oversight”, which foresees amendments to the same Law of Ukraine, thus improving a still soviet practice of administrative oversight and, among other things, introduces criteria for establishing administrative oversight over persons convicted for crime in the sphere of drug abuse. Read more

First inspection visit was conducted within the framework of Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Justice

1Expert and Head of the Penitentiary Program of the Association UMDPL Olexander Fedoruk took part in the first round of inspection visits to penitentiary institutions within the framework of cooperation of our NGO with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The aim of the visits – see the conditions of living and work of convicted persons, and inspect whether institutional administrations observe their rights. Read more

45163710_579132302539896_127098626433351680_nHow to provide for observance of human rights behind bars was discussed during the conference

Problems with human rights and freedoms and their observance in detention were discussed by participants of international scientific and practical conference with the same name that was held on 1 November in Chernihiv. Among its participants were the executive director of Association UMDPL Vadym Pyvovarov and the Head of its Penitentiary Program Olexander Fedoruk. 45200378_325359551616201_9063645686335012864_nBesides experts’ reports and screening of a documentary film “ПЖ” (production of Real Stories Production Studio, director – Kseniya Kravtsova), there was a ceremony of signing a memorandum of cooperation between the Civil Association “Educational House of Human Rights in Chernihiv” and the Academy of State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine. Read more

Rights of prisoners and the penitentiary system: visit to the PTDC

48366116_599470517184638_4627243107233038336_nOn 10 December an inspection visit to the Pre-trial detention center in Cherkassy was held by the Working group of the Parliamentary Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on Reform of Penitentiary system. Together with representatives of state authorities, NGOs and media, Olexander Fedoruk, Head of the Penitentiary Program of the Association UMDPL, also took part in the visit. Read more

Other news


Ten important things. Our conclusions for the year.

At the end of the year all organizations usually analyze what was achieved for 12 months, what was left for the future and, of course, draw conclusions. We, the team of the Association of Ukrainian Human Rights Monitors on Law Enforcement, also have 10 important things that we managed to achieve in 2018 and are happy to share the news. Read more

Association UMDPL introduces expert newsletter

As of 1 November, Association UMDPL introduces a thematic expert newsletter for everyone who is interested in the topic of human rights protection, which will be presented in a user-friendly format to your e-mail. Would you also like to receive such a newsletter? Sign up using this form.

  • You can read the first issue of thematic newsletter of 1 November here.
  • (Non)resignation, National police, administrative detention of 16 November.
  • Martial law, State Bureau of Investigations, criminal misdemeanors of 29 November.
  • Summon to police, how is “life” in PTDC and the Declaration of Human Rights of 14 December.

A documentary film was presented

44061647_2176230952592378_5844242010612957184_nOn 26 October in Kharkiv, within the framework of the “Bardak” International Film Festival, documentary films of Kseniya Kravtsova “ПЖ” and “This is the job” were screened. The latter received a special jury award “For the extreme frankness and courage of the characters in the film”. Read more.

Films were also presented on 1 November in Chernivtsy and on 14 November in Lutsk. On 27 November the film “This is the job” was presented in Odessa.


Other news